• MD/OB Referral Class

    Work with OB's/MD's/Midwives: 4/19/22 @4-5PM EST
    • Learn the principles Dr.Tahir uses : increaseOB+MD referrals
    • How to become the Go To Expert in your community!
    • Understand: the right materials to present to MDs:referrals
    • Articulate what sets you apart from other Chiropractors & PT
    • Learn the EXACT phrase to get past the Gatekeeper
    • Elements of the Psychology of the OB+MD
    • Help people get under Chiro care who need it the most!
    • Works w/ any personality, location, technique, philosophy
    • Never worry about New patients again!
    • {4/19/22}: 4-5 PM EST: Zoom links will be sent to email
    • *THIS IS A LIVE COURSE. Come with questions! *Not recorded*