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After experiencing either a retreat or a course, many individuals choose to implement 1:1 coaching  in order to continue to increase revenue, make a bigger impact and streamline the business.  We use specific metrics and understand your individual statistics and trends on a regular basis. These metrics are targeted towards increasing  business revenue and finding/ hiring the right employees, ensuring the correct policies and procedures are in place in your practice & guidance and tackling challenges that arise. Coaching also includes all of Dr. Tahir's intellectual property so you and your team do not need to spend time building out forms or systems that have already been completed and ready for you.  All business forms, scripts, OB/ MD referral PowerPoints, editable brochures, compliant financial and hardship policies, systems, checklists, business cards &  brochure templates and anything that may help grow or expand your practice is included.   One on one coaching spots are very limited and are not open to a practice until they understand and have experienced the Ignite the Spark business principles taught in the retreats or courses.     

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concierge coaching

Some practices require concierge coaching.  Dr. Tahir & Tareque Farruk will work with you and your staff, your specific systems in action and work intensively to take your practice to the next level within the next 6 months to 1 year. You will be hiring a Senior VP of Sales and a Chiropractic business leader who has coached Entrepreneurs for 7 years.

You have three options:

  • The choice to have us fly to your practice and work with your team in your environment

  • Come in to Annapolis Maryland where you will have two entire days to work with us alone on your business and create a blueprint and plan of action for the next year

  • Come into High Point Chiropractic Wellness in Syracuse NY and observe an effective, profitable and automated practice in action with coaching after observation and creating a Plan of Action for your specific business

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