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Rave Reviews!

" I feel confident I can open my own practice after this training" I want to tell the world about Terry and Irum"

Update on Liz Hoefer: 8 months after the Ignite the Spark Business intensive:  I went to the Ignite the Spark seminar and have grown by leaps and bounds. Within 8 months, I ended  2019 with a revenue close to $400,000, I am on my way to $540,000 for 2020 and this would only be my 2nd year in practice. I have already doubled my initial space.

Highly recomend Ignite the Spark. 

Dr. L.H.

"I wanted to do {the Ignite the Spark} program because I was looking for something different.... I was looking for someone who could really help me achieve the vision I have, that would really pull out of me what I wanted and how to get there...and I have to say that you've completely overdelivered. I'm so READY to open my practice and when I do, it will be exactly how I want it to be...  I know that it will flourish"

Dr. L. Z.

"This has been one of the BEST weekends... I  have been a Chiropractor for 10 years and I just jumped into opening my practice. Just in these two short days I have learned so much, I now have a mission statement, I have learned how to create care plans, I would recommend Ignite the Spark."

Dr. K. K.
In Your Practice Workshop

"I've been working with Dr. Irum for about a year, but once I took a hold of the principles, changing the mindset and sales process 4 months ago. I got a hold of things by going to Ignite the Spark last December. That is when things started to change, not just in business but my entire out look on life. Recently, I was at an expo in my town and 28 people signed up for the first visit.
That has NEVER happened before!! "

Dr. I. M.

"Within four months my revenue doubled...I am very excited to see where the next four months will take me."

Update: Dr. I. M.

"I cannot tell you the feeling I feel when my first patient paid in full for their visits. This is the first time in my chiropractic career. Not only did I feel liberated from the traps of insurance but I feel more committed to the patients well being. The energy it takes to deal with insurance is very time consuming. I could not have never seen the light if it was not for

Dr. Irum and Tareque.

Thank you very much for believing in me and not giving up on me!"

Dr. T. D.-G.
New York

"I have already increased my income to be able to fund my retirement more and have already outgrown my space. I have moved to a bigger space, brought on staff and understand business after just under a year after Ignite the Spark!"

Update on Dr. T. G.
New York

"It's not about making you into them, it's about making you into a better you...If you find yourself in a rut needing to find what to do, how to go, where to go or just a general blueprint on what to do, these are the two you want to talk to. "

Dr.  A. S.
New York

"I feel so much better and so much more confident in opening my new practice. I now have the tools I need"

Dr. M. R.

"I have done tons of coaching in the past and Ignite the Spark is one that really gets into the mechanics of a buisness, and that side of how to break down every step to run your buisness."

"If your really interested in building a family practice with pregnant women, they {Dr. Tahir & Terry}  have given us all the tools we need."

Dr. H. I.  &  Dr. B. C.
New Jersey

"Dr. Tahir and her team are phenomenal, personal, genuine; they really want you to grow as a business."

Dr. B. A.

"If your watching this then you are probably interested in checking out the Ignite the Spark retreat...I am learning all the different processes and procedures on how to running a successful buisness and I feel like {Dr. Tahir & Terry}  are adding these tools to my tool belt."

Dr. B. W.

"...getting more confident, growing the buisness I think its alot more different than other things I have experienced...alot more hands on and lot more personal."

Dr. M. S.

"I am 3 years in practice, one of the things that I think would be helpful for most people regardless where you are in your practice is that Dr. Tahir really knows her stuff, she has a proven track record and she is very personable." 

One of the things if you've never done for your practice that would be wonderful to learn during the {Ignite the Spark  experience}is creating a Revenue Plan...I've learned how to do that this weekend, and Im looking forward to applying it into my practice. There is tons of information, systems that she...hones in and brings things home for you.Definitely recommend! 

Dr. N.S.

"I wanted to be pro-active and then Dr. Tahir contacted me and I came to Ignite the Spark.  I feel very confident and have a lot of clarity on the path and steps I need to take to move my business forward."

Dr. Ronda Sharman
Past President Maryland Chiropractic Association

"My experience is that I have great cohesiveness with the team. I think everyone is clear about the goals and strategies and I feel like we cleaned up some of the issues I was having. I feel a lot more empowered and I feel like I have some really concrete tools"

Dr. Ronda Sharman
In-Your-Practice Workshop
Past President Maryland Chiropractic Association

"I felt like my life was on this big Ferris wheel and I was going around and around like a crazy person, I felt it was time to jump off the wheel and do something different to get different results and Ignite the Spark was just that. Tareque and Irum were able to get to that core of my frustration and my business. I recieved much more value than I expected from this program.. that value can be translated to my personal and professional life and even to my patients. Thank you!

Dr. K. V.
Washington, D.C.

"We learned so much about how to handle really difficult situations in practice and {Ignite the Spark} really  helped me become more confident in these situations."

Dr. D. L.
New York

"This Weekend have been absolutely fantastic, Dr. Tahir and Tareque are absolutely knowledgeable and wonderful people to work with. I have learned so much from learning how to do my Revenue Plan to delving deep into my Ideal Client and successfully creating a mission statement. I LOVED the MD Referral Program.  I am so excited getting all the information together and getting other MD's and being an authority figure in what I do to get them to refer to me which is more sustainable and better suited for my personality type. If you are starting practice, or you are having a difficulty in retaining or getting New Patients, this is an excellent weekend seminar to workshop your particular practice! Do not hesitte to take this class!"

Dr. B. B.

Oklahoma City, OK

"We feel prepared for this next chapter, and our practice."

"...We needed some practical tools to move forward..."

Dr. E. J. L. & J. L.

"Ignite the Spark was truly individualized for my practice, not a cookie cutter approach. It helped me clarify and solidify my vision for what my future should be in this awesome profession of ours. I hope you take a look because what they are doing will help bring your buisness to the next level. As {Chiropractors}, we are not always good business people and this will help. THIS is where you go to get your Business Education from!"

Dr. K. M.

New York City

"It does not matter if you are just getting started in practice or been in it a long time like me,  they really are good because in {Ignite the Spark}, you really sharpen your skills...and its not just about practice building but its just about making your office work smoother, easier with less stress all the way around. I've been to TONS of seminars and meetings, this has been great... I would recommend them to anybody."

Dr. J. S.

Las Vegas, NV

"Ignite the Spark helps you get out of your own head...with the day to day grind {in practice} and sometimes you need a very structured way at look at a different approach to get a consistent New patient inflow...This was a very well structured way of setting up your clinic. Even though we have done this for years this is definitely great information. This is for anyone looking to bump up your clinic, have or achieve new goals and think outside of the box, {we}... highly recommend this class!" 

Dr. G. S. & Dr. S. K.
Seattle, Washington

"Ignite the Spark has been so great! They have been able to answer questions I have been trying to figure out for a year now...such as how to talk to Doctors, get into the door and stay in the door,  a clear Patient flow.... no matter how many books I read, I didnt get this information and nothing had helped in the past. I really would recommend Ignite the Spark to  get to that next level in your practice."

Dr. R. G.-W.


"What I enjoyed over the weekend was the personal approach, I was able to ask about my business, specifically, and get really good feedback."

Dr. C.C.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 6.22.37 PM.png

Business is great! At start of 4th quarter we had grown our net profits by 30%! We added another $62,000 to 2019 revenue for second quarter. Our visits went from 112 PV/week to 170/week! We are now starting our hunt for an Associate. All of this jump started after we attended the Ignite the Spark program only 7 months ago!

Dr. L. & M. L.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 6.30.19 PM.png

"My profits increased by 25% and I am up to 15

New Patients a week after using Dr. Tahir's

Weekend Business Intensive"

Dr. D. H.

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