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Become The Go To Expert in Pregnancy


MY PREGNANCY PRACTICE: ·Dr. Tahir &  Tareque Farruk work with  your specific practice in an immersive, small group business course. You will learn exactly what OB GYN's & Midwives need to hear in order to refer to you on a regular basis.  Participants walk away with a Plan of Action & a blueprint of how to expand their Pregnancy Practice by increasing revenue & making their practice more efficient. We evaluate your Practice information, PNL statements & overall vision of your practice to tailor teachings to your specific practice. Dr. Tahir has created and is using this exact program in her practice where we have 16 different birth providers, OB/ GYNs, Doulas and Midwives referring pregnancy patients to us on a regular basis. High Point Chiropractic Wellness is the #1 Pregnancy Chiropractic Center in Upstate NY.


COURSE: Either a weekend or eight week course focusing entirely on growing your pregnancy practice and becoming the Go To Expert in Pregnancy in your area. 24/7 access to a private Facebook group with your cohort & 24/7 special email to answer your questions. Includes weekly calls to ensure implemetation.

In order to give back to the profession & in appreciationof support, ICPA members and certain State Association members will have special pricing.*




My Pregnancy Practice Course: 

You will learn, understand and implement:

  • How to Implement the OB referral program into your specific practice

  • How to position your practice as the Go to Expert in your city

  • Includes exact powerpoints, brochures, scripts and templates: letters 

  • SMART GOAL and SWOT analysis of Owner/ Participant

  • Developing and Constructing a CLEAR Revenue Plan for your business 

  • Unique Value Proposition of the Company

  • Sales Training/Handling Objections

  • Confidence of a Clear Elevator Pitch

  • Developing a Clear Mission Statement or revising

  • New Patient Flow and Assessing for Inefficiencies within existing Flow

  • Leadership in the various positions of the Company & how to delegate to team

  • How to build and sell Care Packages/ Work flow/ processes

  • Organization in all areas of the practice for greater effeciency


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A Few of Our Favorite
My Pregnancy Practice Course Clients!

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Do you want to know the secret to filling your practice with more weekly patients than you could ever imagine?


No, I'm not talking about trying to get people into your doors by buying them some steak dinner, or running a bunch of facebook ads (that just may not work) or spending a lot of money on advertising that barely bring people in the door.


I've been able to grow my practice to the point where I live in California with my practice in NY, I have two fabulous Associates who never have to get their own New Patients AND we are getting new patients in every week while growing...and yes even during the pandemic.


There is a secret that if you are not doing right now, it is costing you the opportunity to help tons of people and grow your practice like you envisioned when you were in Chiropractic school.


Imagine having new patients coming into your door every week, who are happy to sign up for your services for months even years at a time, telling everyone they know about you and getting a warm lead of referrals that you didn't have to pay one dime for in advertising costs?


The secret is a Pregnancy Practice!


Here's why:  

  • Pregnant women are SO grateful for their care you, finally someone who listens and can take care of their pains/ discomfort. 

  • Women will always be getting pregnant and when a patient is pregnant, will do everything to ensure the safety of her baby.  If she has more than one child, she will definitely be coming back to you because Chiropractic helps make sure women have a smooth, quick and healthy delivery. 


  • Many times, insurance covers Chiropractic through Pregnancy, and what I have found that most women post insurance will continue to pay for care. 


If you want to know how to grow your practice with pregnancy visits, have numerous doctors and other health care professionals giving you new warm leads every week and truly make an impact on the lives of the people in your community from birth, JOIN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, where other Chiropractors & Birth Providers are learning to do exactly this ! 


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