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Weekend Business Retreats

If you are  a business owner who is burnt out or stressed, don't have direction or clarity on what to do next,  want to grow your practice to the next level and begin putting systems into practice, this is the place to start :

Ignite the Spark Weekend Business Retreats that are either in person or via Zoom (choose your option)

LEARN FROM THE BEST: You will learn how to grow, scale or develop your practice to the next level With a combined 40+ years of experience of Tareque Farruk and Dr. Irum Tahir. Dr. Tahir has been semi retired before the age of 40 years old and has a flourishing practice while having complete freedom of an automated practice. She has been honored at the White House, UN and completed a TED talk. Tareque Farruk has been in Fortune 500 companies for the last 25+ years and brings years of sales & business development experience to the Chiropractic world. 

Dr. Tahir & Tareque Farruk work with  your specific practice in an immersive, small group business retreat. Participants walk away with a Plan of Action and a blueprint of how to expand their practice by increasing revenue and making their practice more efficient. We evaluate your Practice information, PNL statements & overall vision of your practice to tailor teachings to your specific practice.

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Dr. H. Irons

"I have done tons of coaching in the past and Ignite the Spark is one that really gets into the mechanics of a business, and that side of how to break down every step to run your business."

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Dr. L. Loomis

At start of 4th quarter we had grown our net profits by 30%! We added another $62,000 to 2019 revenue for second quarter. Our visits went from 112 PV/week to 170/week! We are now starting our hunt for an Associate. All of this jump started after we attended the Ignite the Spark program only 7 months ago!

Build the Business of your Dreams! 

Some of what you will walk away from the Business Retreat:
  • A Clear Blueprint of next steps in your practice

  • Learning to automate your practice for more freedom while growing revenue as Dr. Tahir has done ( practice is in NY, lives out of state)

  • Setting the foundations for an effective, efficient, patient centered, profitable practice

  • SMART GOAL for your Company

  • Developing and Constructing a CLEAR Revenue Plan for the Company

  • Unique Value Proposition of the Company

  • SWOT analysis of Owner/ Participant

  • Confidence of a Clear Elevator Pitch

  • Expectations of each team member and character attributes

  • Ideal Clientele Exercise 

  • Developing a Clear Mission Statement

  • New Patient Flow and Assessing for Inefficiencies within existing Flow

  • Leadership in the various positions of the Company

  • How to build and execute Care Plans/ Work flow/ processes

  • Sales Training/Handling Objections from experience in sales for 25+ years

YES! I'm ready to grow my business 

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