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Dr. Tahir & Terry Farruk work with your specific practice in an immersive, small group business retreat that is both fun and impactful. Participants walk away with a Plan of Action and a blueprint of how to expand their practice by implementing leadership skills, how to recruit, retain and have employees perform, which will increase revenue & make their practice more efficient using tried and true leadership skills.  We evaluate your Practice information, financial goals and overall vision of your practice to tailor & curate teachings & create a strategy fit to your needs.

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Past President, Maryland Chiropratic Association

The Leadership Course with High Point Consulting helped me identify how to better harness my strengths as a leader as well as how to identify and work on any weaknesses. The systems & strategies given to build and retain a high functioning team with a positive work culture are phenomenal. I am so grateful for the generosity of their time and commitment in changing lives and businesses for the better! 

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Doctor of Chiropractic, Oregon

Dr. Tahir and Tareque Farruk's leadership course was not only very informative, but they provide functional tools & systems that I will be able to implement on Monday morning that will positively impact my clinic environment & employee morale immediately. I wish I had been given these tools 20 years ago when I first went into practice- game changer!

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Lead Associate Doctor,

Syracuse, NY

This class taught me to recognize my strengths & weaknesses as a leader, but it also went beyond that to teach me how to become a stronger leader & how to overcome my fears & insecurities. It gave me confidence to move to the next level for my employees, business and especially myself. If you think you can improve your leadership, but don't know where to start....this class should be your start, middle and ending point. It will propel you at this very moment and give you the tools to continue your leadership journey into the future.

"You learned to be a great Doctor, but you did not learn to be a great leader"

What you will walk away with in the Leadership Retreat

How to be the leader your team needs by learning, understanding & implementing:

  • How to hire the right people in the first place

  • How to retain your employees

  • How to work & prepare so you are on top of the business not enmeshed in it

  • How to hire and fire appropriately

  • How to recruit, retain & have employees perform

  • Profit Sharing and Raises/ Bonuses

  • How to put into place Performance Improvement Plans

  • Principles of  hiring Associates

  • How to handle conflict in the workplace

  • How to inspire and motivate your employees internally

  • How to communicate your vision for the practice to those who work for you

  • How to communicate expectations to employees

  • Understanding your strengths & weaknesses 

  • Unique Value Proposition of the Company: your employee is your mouthpiece

  • Expectations of each team member & character attributes

  • Creating the most efficient and effective practice based on your needs & vision

  • Using proven tracking methods Inspect what you Expect

  • Learn to use the Exact language to use with employees to gain commitment and trust

  • Zero in on the type of employees you truly enjoy 

  • Drive Revenue & grow your business 

  • Use the strategies and systems that Dr. Tahir has used to automate practice and that allows her to live anywhere in the world while operating a very successful practice in NY

  • Learn the proven system Dr.Tahir & Tareque Farruk have used for teams within Chiropractic and outside of Chiropractic for a combined experience of 40+ years

Leadership Retreats are held in Gorgeous
Annapolis, Maryland

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Retreat includes:

  •  2 Days of immersion in Leadership and growing & scaling  your practice

  •  Fun Activities and excursions

  • Most snacks & meals are included including a group dinner

  • Long lasting connections with fellow colleagues for support & growth

Be the Leader your Team needs you to be!
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