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We are so excited to work with you, let the transformation begin! 8 Week Class starts Tuesday, September 17th, 2024 through November 19th, 2024 at 11 am - 12 pm EST. With two weeks off for implementation. Registration materials will be sent a week prior to the class start time.


MY REFERRAL PRACTICE: ·Dr. Tahir & Tareque Farruk work with  your specific practice in an immersive, small group business course. Participants walk away with a Plan of Action & a blueprint of how to expand their Pregnancy Practice by increasing revenue & making their practice more efficient. We evaluate your Practice information, PNL statements & overall vision of your practice to tailor teachings to your specific practice. COURSE:One hour of teaching weekly in a small group setting ,24/7 access to private Facebook group with your cohort & 24/7 special email to answer your questions. 


How this will benefit YOU and what you will walk away with after 8 weeks:

  • You'll have MORE referrals in your practice

  • MD/OB/GYN  Referral Program: How to Implement the MD/OB referral program

  • Includes exact PowerPoints, brochures, scripts and templates : letters to OB/midwife

  • SMART GOAL and SWOT analysis of Owner/ Participant

  • Developing and Constructing a CLEAR Revenue Plan for the Company

  • Unique Value Proposition of the Company

  • Sales Training/Handling Objections

  • Confidence of a Clear Elevator Pitch

  • Developing a Clear Mission Statement or revising

  • New Patient Flow and Assessing for Inefficiencies within existing Flow

  • Leadership in the various positions of the Company & how to delegate to team

  • How to build and execute Care Plans/ Work flow/ processes

  • You will have more Prenatal Referrals in practice

  • You will implement the OB / GYN referral program step by step 

  • You will emerge more confident and in control of your practice

  • You will become known as THE Go to Expert in Prenatal care in your area


Bonus: 10 CE's with a Downloadable Course

  • How to provide a proper prenatal intake for your patients
  • How to assess and what to do if your patients are hypermobile
  • What are the best prenatal supplement recommendations and what levels should your patient be on
  • What are the best ways to treat your pregnant patients and how to support them
  • Prenatal exercise and fitness guidance and recommendations


$3,197.00 Regular Price
$1,297.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • By purchasing this course, I authorize High point consulting to process my payment. This payment is non refundable and non transferrable. I agree not to resell or distribute any of the training materials I receive from High Point Consulting and Dr. Irum Tahir. I understand that High Point Consulting and Dr. Irum Tahir are not making any guarantees to my success and that results may vary.

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