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These beautiful and popular Brochures and Booklets are bundled together in this option. 

These beautifully customized done for-you low back pain brochures & BOOKLETS  include all the information that an MD or other medical provider is looking to see and understand from a Chiropractic perspective. Includes all research and specific language needed to connect to MD's. The brochure is created with the Gentle Chiropractic Care at the forefront and indicates a unique value proposition. Add customized format upon checkout, you will be sent a proof to approve before processing and shipment, so ensure your email address is up to date.


This option allows you to save HOURS of time, energy and effort and includes all of the following: 


  • Professional appearance of products is KEY to get continued referrals; printed on high quality paper

  • Design and formatting with YOUR specific practice information and details; 

  • Overall design & colors will always be consistent upon every order

  • Art charges to alter the file for YOUR practice information (1 hour- charged only on first time created, recurring orders will choose Option #2 for Low Back Pain Brochures)

  • High quality printed materials that you can confidently present to MD's and Medical providers with

  • Ensure the material is My Low Back Pain Practice approved for effective and consistent referrals 

  • Will make you STAND OUT within the busyness of a MD practice

  • A 'happy client' proof will be sent to your email address on file for approval before processing and shipping

  • Includes FREE shipping to the Continental United States; rush delivery is extra and paid via Pay Pal

MD Bundled: 50 Brochures + 50 Booklets

Excluding Sales Tax
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