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How to Create a Powerful Patient Experience Through the New Patient Examination


June 28-June 30, 2024


Washington DC area. Location to be announced. 


Understanding the importance of Chiropractic Practice in practice, the significant impact we can make in the lives of New Patients

  • Working within New Patient expectations
  • How to prepare for the New Patient in practice- Communication with New patient in an appropriate manner that prepares them accordingly.
  • Making sure that your team is prepared for the New Patient- i.e., Insurance verification, visit limits, benefits and referral sources
  • What type of educational materials will the New Patient experience when they come into the office?


Preparation and Introduction with the New Patient

  • Scheduling the New Patient appropriately; communicating referral source, permission to communicate patient information
  • Process of adding Information of the New Patient into E.H.R. ensuring HIPAA protection
  • Beginning with Gratitude; leading the New Patient , Rapport building


 Communicating Chiropractic + Examination Findings Effectively

  • X-rays- ordering them/ taking in office and analysis- Simple discussion.
  • Components of a Chiropractic Report of Findings


$997.00 Regular Price
$697.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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